The Power of Putting People First - Careers at the Futures Group

12th April, 2022 Read time: Two minutes

At the Futures Group we see the power of putting people first. Our mission is not only to make a difference to the lives of our customers; it’s to prioritise that same impact for our employees.

Together, we are committed to: 

  • helping you develop in your role 
  • supporting your career growth 
  • promoting positive health and wellbeing at work  
  • encouraging a good work/life balance 
  • providing financial non-salary benefits 
  • making Futures a great place to work 

Sandra Cowley, our Director of Growth, Strategy and Partnerships, knows all about the importance of centring the needs of employees: 

“Each member of our leadership team truly believes that by putting our people first we will continue to be a successful and forward-thinking organisation. We feel our team purpose also demonstrates this as it states we will:   

Embrace our guiding principles to energise our people to do great work and flourish’

I myself left school at 16 with very few qualifications. Only through the support of my employers have I been able to continue to develop my skills, remain constant in my commitment to support people to be the best versions of themselves and build my own self-belief - all that have enabled me to progress in my career.   

We know our people are our greatest asset when they are nurtured, listened to and developed.” 

Sandra Cowley - Director of Growth, Strategy and Partnerships at the Futures Group

A happy and motivated team is vital to us and most of our people have been with us for many years - so we like to think we're pretty good at taking care of them. Alongside this, over 30% of our workforce have been promoted into more senior roles that facilitate their career aspirations.  

We put you first so you can put them first.  

Over the last 25 years, our workforce has supported over one million people in the community to lead more fulfilling lives.  

“The way Futures operate is brilliant. They gave me an opportunity to change my career. Caroline and Kevin were outstanding; it massively built my confidence up.”  

- Former Futures service user 

The secret to our Ofsted Outstanding success and committed workforce is simple, we just put our people first.  

If you would like to explore a career at Futures Group, keep an eye on our Vacancies page which is updated on a regular basis.  

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