Four Ways to Break into a New Sector with No Experience

20th April, 2022 Read time: 2 min

In February 2022, new rules came into place for Universal Credit claimants that mean you now have just four weeks to secure employment in your preferred sector before benefit sanctions may be made.

After this threshold, you will be required to widen your job search to any suitable sector and must show reasonable effort to secure a role. 

But how is this achievable with no prior skills or experience? We’re here to give you four reliable and free methods of securing employment in a new sector with confidence.  


Firstly, why have the DWP made this change?  

Long-term unemployment is currently 60% higher than pre-pandemic rates, however there are 59% more vacancies than before the pandemic began.  

Work and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey said: “Helping people get any job now, means they can get a better job and progress into a career.” 

There is no doubt that the employment landscape has changed and many people do not feel they have the skills, knowledge or experience to secure employment in a new sector where many of these current vacancies reside.  


So, what can you do to prepare for employment in a new sector?  

Although Government data shows there are currently 1.2 million vacancies across the country, finding employment that matches your skillset can often be a challenge that is difficult to overcome.  


Futures are here to help. 

We understand the pressure on new claimants having just four weeks to find a new, viable employment route but we believe that with the right guidance you can discover an entire career you hadn't previously considered.  

Below are just some of the government campaigns Futures are actively delivering in the East Midlands and East of England right now: 


Way to Work  

Ideal for: those ready for direct interview with local employers but who would benefit from pre-interview guidance and support  

Key benefits: Interviews arranged on your behalf and job offers aimed to be offered within 48hrs of interview  


Well for Work  

Ideal for: those wanting to invest a small amount of time in developing both personal and professional skills before attending direct interviews with local employers  

Key benefits: Access to specialist wellbeing services, certified qualifications up to Level 2 and pre-arranged interviews  



Ideal for: Claimants who have been unemployed for over 9 months and who are facing employment barriers  

Key benefits: Up to 12 months of dedicated careers support including mental health support, independent skills training session and CV guidance.  



Ideal for: those looking to invest significant time into earning qualified status in a new sector with aspirations for career growth  

Key benefits: continue to receive your existing benefits while you earn an apprenticeship salary*, study towards a qualification and gain experience in a role that will support your career.  

*based on 2022 apprenticeship rate of £4.30/hour and an average working week of 37.5 hours. A full-time apprenticeship salary of £552.50/month is under the threshold outlined by the DWP of £557/month before benefits are reduced.  


If you need support with getting started in a new sector, get in touch with us today

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