Futures CEO Commits to Mentoring Homeless Youth in Nottingham

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In January 2022, Futures Group CEO Paul Price-Hazlehurst pledged his commitment to supporting and mentoring five young people aged 16-24 over the course of the year.  


Mentoring is a valuable tool for any young person to access, but it is especially valuable to those in need of an extra helping hand. In Paul’s case, it was a visit to Framework – a local Nottingham charity that supports homeless young people – that inspired him to make a commitment to mentoring.  

We spoke to Paul to learn more about the value of mentoring.  


What made you decide to make this pledge? 

I recently visited Framework, which provides temporary supported accommodation for homeless young people between the ages of 16 and 21. Having met a couple of the young residents, I realised they were lacking a role model they could relate to. On driving away and reflecting on our purpose and values at Futures, I decided I needed to show my personal commitment to those values. I decided I could offer my time to do the right thing and make a difference.   


Why do you believe mentoring is important to young people? 

Mentors can share valuable life lessons and educate you on what to do (and sometimes what not to do!) A mentor can serve as a sounding board during times when difficult decisions need to be made. 

Mentoring can support in the following ways: 

  • Increased Knowledge 
  • Personal Growth 
  • Words of Encouragements 
  • Providing Unbiased Opinions 
  • Being a Trusted Ally 
  • Supporting in Goal Setting 


Did you have a mentor when you were younger? 

No, I was always quite driven and had a clear plan. Since being appointed as CEO, I have found a mentor to support me in the transition into the role. The reason I have chosen to have a mentor at this point in my career is to assist me in finding ways to grow professionally.  


What impact do you hope your mentoring will have? 

I hope that the young people I mentor will be empowered to achieve more.  


You can learn more about Paul’s career journey on our blog. 

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