National Careers Week 2022 - Supporting You During Every Phase of Life

7th March, 2022 Read time: Two minutes

While National Careers Week is a great time to reflect and make positive career choices, Futures are passionate about supporting you at every phase of life, 365 days a year (almost - it’s important we go on holiday too!)  

Whether you need a job to pay the bills or you’re looking to start a career in a specific sector, our services are specifically designed to offer support every step of the way.  

During National Careers Week, we will be sharing our expert advice on making the most of your career and how our funded services can support you to achieve your dreams.  


Does industry training really make you more ‘employable’?  

There’s never a time in any of our lives when we can afford to stop learning. Employers actively look for people who are committed to expanding their knowledge and skills, and it gives you continued confidence and credibility. 

In January, we worked with a number of employers including the Department for Work & Pensions, Nottingham University, Sodexho and Marks and Spencer to train and prepare local people for local roles. Futures provided training to 98 people, and 82 of them secured employment as a result of their commitment. 


So, how can we help you? 

Impartial careers advice and guidance   

Through the National Careers Service, we provide free, impartial careers advice as well as matching you directly with employers and vacancies in your local area. 

Did you know: The National Careers Service isn’t just about supporting unemployed people, it’s also here for professionals looking for a career change or progression routes.  


Short-term training and access to sector specific careers  

When you’re ready to begin building a career, Futures can offer you short-term training that results in a qualification suited to your chosen sector. We then partner you with local employers who are actively recruiting for people with your new knowledge and qualifications. 

Upcoming opportunities:  

Health & Social care qualification plus guaranteed job interview for Healthcare Assistants with NHS Nottingham University Hospitals – Information Day 10th March 

Employability qualification plus guaranteed job interview for Team Drivers with NET Trams – Information Day 13th April 


Did you know: All our qualifications are fully-funded, subject to eligibility requirements.  


Higher level qualifications and career opportunities  

At our highest level of training, we offer apprenticeships up to degree level. This type of training usually lasts just over a year, depending on the level, and is completed while in full-time employment.  

Live apprenticeship vacancies: 

Administrative Assistant– Fostering Dimensions – NG7 2BY  

Customer Service Assistant– Novati – NG24 2TN 

Business Administrator – Novati – NG24 2TN 

Applications Administrator – YMCA – NG1 6FG  

Customer Support – Yu Energy – NG8 6PY 

Recruitment Resourcer x2 – Link 3 – NG2 3HF 

Did you know: Apprenticeships aren’t just for people starting out in their career. Many of our apprenticeship qualifications are delivered to existing senior members of staff to enhance knowledge and provide greater growth opportunities.  


To learn more about the above opportunities and how we can support you, get in touch with us today!



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