New support funding breaks down barriers for apprentices with SEND

19th January, 2023 Read time: Two minutes

The opportunities for apprentices with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) are growing, bringing multiple benefits to learners to help them succeed and complete their qualifications. 

One such opportunity has come in the form of a recent push from the government, who have introduced extra support funding for apprenticeship training providers and employers who hire apprentices with SEND. They can now claim an additional £150 per month where reasonable adjustments have been delivered at a monetary cost. 

This means businesses now have the chance to open their doors to many dedicated and motivated apprentices whilst ensuring they can offer the correct support.  

Apprentices with SEND can face multiple barriers when completing their qualification, from physical to financial. Introducing funding allows learning providers to make necessary adjustments, including:  

  • Hiring additional staff to support apprentices  
  • Organising extended or more frequent assessor visits  
  • Purchasing specialist equipment  
  • Providing additional time on exams and assessments 

With these accommodations in place, every learner has the chance to succeed in their learning journey and have a promising start to their career. 

At Futures, we’re proud to offer the Independent Advice and Support Service (IASS). We believe everyone should have the opportunity to reach their goals without feeling held back.  

From offering supported internships to providing intensive support packages that prepare young people with special education and complex needs for the future, we help to inspire the younger generation to discover their potential. 

The support we offer prepares 16–24-year-olds to enter the world of work and education, so they can confidently take the next steps towards their future – including feeling ready to complete an apprenticeship. We’re also able to pass information and learning plans onto apprenticeship providers, to ensure that a high level of support is continued throughout their journey. 

Courtney Chambers a Learning Mentor at the Futures Group, shares how this funding will have a positive impact on her apprentices:

We’re able to create a bespoke individual learning plan and can discuss how their barriers can be removed, it helps us mirror support they’ve received in previous environments to help them succeed

Thinking about what’s next for you? We have resources available to support young adults, parents and carers here.

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