Over 700 young people with additional needs supported across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire

3rd October, 2023 Read time: Two minutes

Following an evaluation by ConnectMore Solutions and Richmond Baxter Ltd, Futures are proud to share the success of our recently completed Future Impact programme, which was delivered across Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire County. 

The report found that “the programme has been incredibly successful” in helping young people to improve their abilities, and that “the combination of careers development and personal development gives a strong indication that young people will be able to sustain positive outcomes going forward.”  

Running from 2018 - 2023, Future Impact provided long-term, person-centred intensive coaching support to NEET young people who had received SEND support while at school, and extended that support further, to the families and carers surrounding the participants.  

Support was given over extended periods, typically 12-36 months, to allow time for the participants to develop the skills needed in both life and work.  

“The coaches worked tirelessly to create a level playing field for disadvantaged learners, which was vital for their self-esteem, confidence and motivation.” Training and Education Provider

The success of the programme was such that we were able to surpass the contact target of supporting 500 young people, and at the time of the report (May 2023) had supported 701 young people into education, training, employment or volunteering opportunities: 

  • 496 young people accessed education or training 
  • 208 young people gained employment 
  • 121 young people found volunteering opportunities 

The report stated that “helping young people experience and enter work was the stand-out strength of the programme, reflecting Futures’ expertise and setting it apart from other mentoring programmes.” 

“Our contract is different – it isn’t about getting them into work if that isn’t right for them. It’s about improving their quality of life.” Future Impact Coach

The programme was also able to support the mental health of the young people involved – with wellbeing assessments showing a 23% increase over the course of the programme. Participants reported significant improvement in areas such as Career Development, Life Satisfaction, Confidence and Happiness. 

“My coach has really helped me to get my foundations right to build up my life.” Participant

While the Future Impact programme is no longer running, we are still able to offer to support to young people with additional needs. Visit our Young People page to learn more about the help available.

“My daughter seems happier now – she is getting her confidence back.” Participant’s parent