Join the Futures Audit Committee

Futures Advice, Skills and Employment are currently looking for a new independent member to join its Audit Committee for an initial three-year term.

The Audit Committee is a key component of the company’s corporate governance arrangements. The Committee provides assurance and high-level focus on risk management, financial controls, annual accounts, and the work of internal and external audit.

The independent member will serve a term of three years, subject to approval of the Board. As an independent member you will be required to sign an undertaking to abide by a Code of Conduct for Members, which sets out standards of behaviour expected from all members. Additionally, you will be required to complete a Register of Interests form on an annual basis.

The Role

The estimated time commitment required to undertake the role will vary, on average it would involve attendance at 3 or 4 daytime meetings (lasting approx. 2-3 hours) a year and associated reading of the prepared papers.

The Audit Committee is responsible for promoting excellence in risk management, financial reporting, and financial controls.

You will need to:

  • Engage fully in collective consideration of the issues before the Committee, considering a full range of relevant factors;
  • Participate fully in the discharge of all the Committee’s functions, as set out in the Committee’s terms of reference and the constitution;
  • Promote the concept of proportionate, risk management and internal control throughout the organisation; and to champion the work of Internal Audit, External Audit and Risk Management;
  • Participate in periodic review of the overall effectiveness of the Audit Committee, and of its terms of reference.

Person Specification

Suitable applicants will be able to demonstrate the following qualities and characteristics:

  • Up to date knowledge, skill, and a depth of experience in any of the of fields of IT, HR, risk management or performance management;
  • Effective role model; supports appropriate behaviours and challenges opinions and advice where appropriate, separating major issues from minor ones.

Independent members should not:

  • Be active in local or national politics;
  • Be a member of a political party or pressure group;
  • Have had significant previous dealings with the Council which compromise their impartiality;
  • Have a close relationship with any Member or Officer of the Council.


Provide a one-sided expression of interest to Kerry Wilson, Corporate Governance Manager: