Three Ways to Upskill Your Existing Workforce

In recent years, many businesses have made the switch from focusing on recruitment to focusing on retainment when it comes to growing and developing their workforce.

17th August, 2022 Read time: Two minutes

In recent years, many businesses have made the switch from focusing on recruitment to focusing on retainment when it comes to growing and developing their workforce.

While recruiting new employees is a fantastic way for expanding businesses to bring in fresh ideas, this should never come at the expense of an existing workforce who can benefit greatly from being upskilled.  

The benefits to a business of upskilling their current employees, whether through apprenticeships, training courses, shadowing, mentoring, or other methods, can be significant, and shouldn’t be overlooked.

It can lead to innovation, finding original approaches thanks to advanced skills. It gives you the ability to develop a deeper understanding of the business, its challenges, and the best solutions. It helps with staff retention and developing your staff into future leaders who will go on to achieve remarkable things for your business. We live in a forever changing working environment – upskilling your existing staff allows you to stay one step ahead. Sarah Clifford, Head of Apprenticeships at Future

A recent study from McKinsey & Company revealed that building the skills of your current workforce is the most effective way to close skills gaps in a business, rather than hiring new employees. It also found that employees feel valued when their development is invested in, and valued employees are significantly less likely to leave a company.  

Not only is this beneficial to the employees themselves – the company also gains a reputation for supporting their staff and maintaining job satisfaction. This, in turn, improves the overall company culture and attracts yet more passionate employees.  

If you’re considering upskilling your workforce, you can do it with Futures. Here are just three of the ways we can support you and your business to grow:  

Enrol Your Staff onto Higher Level Apprenticeships 

It’s time to forget all about the stereotype that apprenticeships are for 16-year-olds who don’t fancy going to college. In reality, they’re a fantastic way for people of any age to improve their existing skills in a hands-on working environment, no matter where they currently stand on the employment ladder.  

Many people are unaware that apprenticeships can completed all the way up to a Level 7 – equivalent to a Masters degree. There are also managerial apprenticeships available to support those who have the experience and knowledge but need support to reach the next step. 

Employees in all sectors and at all career stages can benefit from completing an apprenticeship alongside their work.  

Visit our website to look into apprenticeships with Futures. 

Retain and Develop the Skills of Kickstart Employees 

Kickstart offers incredible opportunities for young people to gain essential work experience. The initiative offers young people paid placements for six months – but there is nothing stopping you from hiring your Kickstart employee on a full-time basis once their placement is complete.  

In this scenario, everyone benefits. Your Kickstarter gains full-time employment in a role that offers growth for the future, and you gain a member of staff who has already begun the learn the ins-and-outs of your business, and who you are able to train up to meet your business's needs.  

Take it from Rachel, Deputy CEO of Falcon Support Services, who discovered more than she bargained for when she hired Ellie as a Customer Service Kickstarter:  

“When Ellie’s CV came through for a Customer Service role, we interviewed and immediately thought she was perfect for the position. We provided a full induction,,, and she flourished in her role, with colleagues and service users really welcoming her to the team. Ellie has a natural will to help people and as such we have encouraged her development by providing support training with a view of her being better equipped for applying for a permanent support role in the future. The Kickstart experience has been a good one, it’s great to see the success in others.” 

Want to learn more? Read this case study in full on our Impact Page.  

Carry out a Discovery Audit for your Business 

Discovery Audits allow you to find out exactly what your business needs to develop.  

We offer a full discovery audit for businesses, taking the time to take an in-depth look at all aspects of an employer’s needs. We carry out a full analysis of the training and recruitment needs, allowing us to make expert recommendations on what paths a business can take to ensure growth.  

Once recommendations have been made, each business is assigned an account manager to provide additional support, advice, and guidance wherever it is necessary.  

If training needs are identified within your current workforce, we complete initial assessments and eligibility checks on your employees, as well as undertaking a full review of their prior learning. From there, they can be enrolled onto our development courses.  

We can also support with recruitment needs, helping businesses to access dedicated and passionate employees who are ready to work.  

You can contact the Futures for Business team to learn more about Discovery Audits.