The Power of Conversation Helped Robyn Find Work with Restart

When you’re struggling with poor mental health, anxiety and negative thoughts can feel overwhelming.

Sometimes all it takes to help someone who is struggling is to allow them to speak, be listened to, and be heard.

This was the case for Robyn Squires, 25, from Worksop.

Robyn joined Futures’ Restart Scheme in November 2021. She had previously worked as a transport logistics officer, but had been out of work for 3 years due to severe anxiety.  

Facing such a challenging barrier, as well as needing support with housing, it was a difficult road for Robyn. Her struggles with her mental health and anxiety continued as she headed out on her Restart Scheme journey.

But in February, Robyn’s outlook began to change.

The turning point came from a single conversation. Robyn called Nikki as she was incredibly upset and anxious. Nikki listened to and reassured Robyn. She helped her to realise her power and worth. Thanks to that one conversation, Robyn began to reclaim her self-belief and looked at life with a new perspective.

Just three days later, Robyn secured a role as a Warehouse Operative. Now, Robyn is looking ahead to a brighter future.

Robyn said: “I was struggling at times to engage with the Restart Scheme due to my anxiety.  I then had a call with my employment advisor, Nikki.  I was very distressed. During the call I felt like I had been listened to and heard.  Afterwards, I felt something change in me. I felt that someone finally believed in me, and this helped me believe in myself.  I found myself employment within three days of this call and I haven’t looked back since.”

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