Together, Talking Therapy and Careers Guidance Make a Difference

Insight Healthcare is a national not-for-profit organisation, providing free talking therapy on behalf of the NHS. We offer free careers guidance as part of this support.

Anxiety and stress around work

"I'm currently supporting a client who's employed full-time but is suffering with anxiety and work-related stress. They've been working for their company for four years as an area manager, responsible for a range of outlets and staff across Nottingham.  

Over the years the company have been aware of their mental health issues, but their attitude has been unsupportive and no reasonable adjustments were considered. In fact, the behaviour of the owners towards them have directly affected their anxiety. It really felt that a high level of bullying and harassment was going on.  

The owner’s insistence on working extra hours, completing tasks very late into the evening and returning from annual leave to resolve issues were a regular occurrence.       

Over the past few months we've worked together on their anxiety and stress, but also looked into alternative employment. They were very keen to move away the job, but felt the pressure of providing for family and life commitments. 

We focused a lot on building confidence, developing his employability skills by updating job search, CV and interview techniques.  

They were soon shortlisted for four management jobs and offered a position with a reputable national business.  They were delighted with the new opportunity and what the new start would offer."

Unemployed and worried for the future

This person had been unemployed for 8 months were looking for work in the charity sector. They'd been job hunting and securing interviews but were beginning to worry they wouldn’t be able to get a new job due to their age and confidence.

Together we worked on confidence building, identifying existing skills, experience and how to sell these to employers. Age shouldn't be a barrier.

We prepared for the next interview, and we weren't suprised when they were offered the role with a charity! 

"I really appreciate how quickly you responded to my emails particularly when you revised my job application statements. Thee mock interview was very useful and boosted my confidence going into the real thing."

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