Subcontracting Fees and Charges


In order for Futures to achieve our aims and uphold our commitments to the people who use our services, it is necessary to hold partnerships with subcontractors. The subcontracting strategy is reviewed annually and aims to meet the following objectives:

  • To be in line with Government priority targets in learner groups and outcomes
  • To increase the curriculum offer of Futures, movement into new market sectors
  • Aim to engage hard to reach learners who do not follow typical routes into education
  • To build local and national strategic educational relationships

The policy aims to ensure that subcontracted organisations share the aspirations and outlook of the Futures Group and associated brands.

The policy aims to ensure quality and consistency by providing subcontractors with all necessary support and resources needed to ensure that the quality of services and work performed is in line with that expected of the company.

Fees and charges by Futures, including agreed payments terms are set in line with the guidelines and standards set out within the policy.

Futures is committed to working with subcontractors to ensure smooth continuation of services, should the subcontractor need to leave for any reason.

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