Sonja is On Her Way to a Career in Social Work

Sonja’s introduction to the National Careers Service is different to many others – she had met Jacqui, one of our advisers, while carrying out a Continuous Professional Development course in order to progress her career.

She was so impressed with Jacqui’s passion and knowledge that she decided to put her faith in the National Careers Service to help shape her own career. 

She had always dreamed of becoming a Social Worker, but it wasn’t until she saw the successes that the National Careers Services achieved second-hand that she realised it was time to follow those dreams. 

Jacqui supported Sonja to gain a clear idea of what she wanted to become and look at different paths she could take. Due to her dyslexia and dyspraxia, Sonja has previously been put off by the idea of filling out confusing application forms, but Jacqui was able to support here, too. 

Sonja is currently employed full time and it aiming to find a way to continue working and taking a course that will lead to her becoming a registered Social Worker. She hopes to focus her interests in gender inequality and women’s rights. 

Jacqui’s advice and guidance was friendly and professional. She made me feel like I had a spring in my step. She was not just outstanding but inspirational.   Sonja, from Nottingham