Online Safety

Futures recognises the opportunities offered by having access to online technologies and encourages and supports the use of such technologies to enhance the services offered by the company.

However, the company also recognises that the internet brings about dangers and risks associated with online access.

As part of the duty of care Futures has towards staff, learners and customers, the company recognises the need to safeguard against potentially damaging and dangerous activities and content, including, but not limited to; gambling, violence, radicalisation, inappropriate relationships and cybercrime. The Online Safety Policy is designed to encompass this responsibility and details the actions the company will take to ensure the safety and protection of all individuals who may access online services through our facilities.

One of the primary defences against the misuse of technology and internet access lies in ensuring Futures staff are trained in the appropriate uses and are able to recognise both potential misuse and illegal activities carried out by service users. To support this, Futures is committed to providing all staff with the necessary resources to identify and report worrying behaviour and actions.

The Online Safety group has been assembled to ensure the ongoing monitoring of the policy; this group comprises key staff members from senior, management and CEO levels, who are responsible for overseeing the policy’s implementation and of reviewing any cases arising as a result of its breach.

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