Nottinghamshire hits record low for young people out of education and training

6th January, 2022 Read time: 1 min

Recent figures from the Office of National Statistics show that, from January – March 2021, it was estimated that there were 728,000 young people (aged 16-24) who were not in education, employment or training (NEET).

This figure, which represents around 10.6% of young people in the UK, is the lowest since records began in 2001.  

The number of young people in Nottinghamshire who progress into education, employment or training after Year 11 continues to rise, despite a difficult year of interrupted education. 

The latest figures from across the county show that 97% of young people who have recently left Year 11 have continued into further education, training or employment, leaving 2.8% as NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training), while just 0.2% of Year 11 leavers’ status is currently ‘not known’. These figures are a true testament to the outstanding work Futures undertakes to support young people during some of the most challenging transitions in their lives. 

“The team have worked tirelessly whilst still dealing with the impact and challenges of the pandemic facing both our coaches and our young people. This particular Year 11 cohort has had such a turbulent 2 years of education due to Covid-19. We really are so proud of the motivation and focus of Nottingham’s young people.” Jo Key, Business Manager for Nottingham and Derby. 

At Futures, we work closely with schools in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire County to minimise the risk of young people becoming NEET and to support those who are. When asked for a comment on the support Futures can provide to young people, Contract Manager James Hughes said:  

“Young people who are currently NEET face some significant challenges and barriers, in part due to the effects of the pandemic. However, Futures are able to provide expert advice and guidance, with Careers Coaches currently supporting young people to overcome the barriers they face and progress into education, employment or training opportunities as the first stepping stone towards a long and successful career.” 

Futures delivers the NEET Reduction Service for both Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council, working intensively to help young people with the choice between continuing in education and moving into work with training.

The initiative supports young people in secondary school to reduce the likelihood of them leaving school without a plan and becoming unemployed. 

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