Nadiya Finds Hope to Become a Teaching Assistant after Leaving the Ukraine

Nadiya came to the National Careers Service under difficult circumstances, having fled the Ukraine due to the war.

When she arrived in the UK, her English skills were extremely basic, she was unable to find a job, and she had no savings.

She needed help with everything from improving her English skills to applying for Universal Credit and child benefits. 

Nadiya’s adviser Yana was able to show her various suitable English courses and apply for them on her behalf. Alongside this, Nadiya was supported in translating her CV and tailoring it to help her find a job as a Teaching Assistant, which she has already begun to apply for.

Since first meeting with the National Careers Service, Nadiya has enrolled on and begun an English as a Second Language course to help improve her skills, and has had her Ukrainian diplomas sent off to be compared and converted into UK equivalents, which will support her in her journey to find work. 

I am very thankful. I needed help with everything from the beginning. I have sent my CV for different vacancies and now I’m waiting for the answers. Nadiya, from Bedfordshire