Lucy Brushed up her CV During Furlough

Lots changed during the pandemic, and in many ways it's shaped us and helped us to grow. Getting through is an achievement in itself!

However you spent the time, whether reflecting on the skills you have or considering exploring new interests. Not all skills are learnt through formal education – life, work, experience give us plenty to work with, too. At Futures, we see skills in everyone and are hopeful about people developing their skills in work and training to live happier lives, however your career narrative plays out. 

At Futures, wsee skills in everyone and love to help people develop theirs. 

Due to furlough, Lucy found herself with lots of free time to spend with her dog. She was also offered the chance to brush up her ICT and maths skills through her employer, with adult learning courses. In the evenings, she kept friends and family entertained with gaming and quiz nights and she picked up a few new hobbies along the way.


With refreshed confidence and an updated CV from both accredited courses and her new-found skills, Lucy is back at work. Though she does still have to stay on mute in meetings as her dog always has an opinion!

She's still Lucy, but this year she's proved she's so much more.


With your skills and our advice, our advisers can find a course to get you learning something and feeling positive. We're here to help; in fact, we’d love to!