Jon from Newark, changed his career and life

Jon, from Newark, had been working in a senior management role in an engineering firm for many years, "It was incredibly high pressured. I started to break down in many different ways. I wasn’t sleeping, I was getting chest pains, and although ordinarily I hardly drink at all, I was drinking three or four bottles of wine a night.

"At that point I thought, ‘get a grip of yourself Jon’ and I got myself to the doctor to seek help. The doctor gave me a leaflet and so I picked the phone up and called Insight Healthcare, and was given an appointment with Kate and then Esther. I can honestly say the two of them saved my life."

"Esther’s help wasn’t because I didn’t know how to find another job. I consider myself a well-educated person, who’d got to a senior position in his career, but at that point, I really did just need someone there, as a sounding board, as some encouragement that I could do jobs I might not have considered before."

Esther is a Futures Careers Coach and is integrated into the Insight Healthcare team supporting people who are experiencing mental health issues with their careers.

"It was killing me. I even considered suicide, which is something I thought I’d never say, but I really was in a dark place."

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