Futures Pledges Support to Carbon Neutral Nottingham 2028

1st August, 2022 Read time: Two minutes

Futures will join over 50 other local businesses in playing our part to reduce carbon emissions.

With climate change and extreme weather events on the rise, we have pledged our support as a business to the government’s aim to make Nottingham a carbon-neutral city by 2028. 


Futures recognises the impacts of climate change and the importance of acting now to limit its effects. We support efforts to make Nottingham a carbon neutral city by 2028 and will actively play our part in achieving this. We believe that all organisations and residents in Nottingham need to be part of a collective effort to meet our targets and commitments. Paul Price-Hazlehurst, CEO at The Futures Group

We have recently set out our environmental objectives in our business plan, looking forward to 2025 to drive our passion and reach our goals.  

Change cannot be achieved immediately, but it can be started now. We have already made the change to remove the use of single-use plastics in our centres, as well as signing up to an electric car salary sacrifice scheme. We have also recently worked with Sharewear’s ReLived clothing scheme, supporting them to reduce the amount of clothes that go to landfill. 

Our long-term objectives aim to ensure that our customers have a high quality of life and wellbeing which can be sustained for current and future generations. Delivering carbon neutrality through a holistic approach to interventions, we’ll create new ways of working across sectors to co-create solutions to key sustainability challenges.  

We look forward to continuing our support of this incredible initiative and seeing the health of our city thrive.  

You can find out more about Carbon Neutral Nottingham 2028 on the Government website.  

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