Flora's Career Prospects Flourish with Support from Futures

Before Flora, 23, from Harlow came to us, she’d been unemployed and on benefits for over a year, with the impact of Covid beginning to make her feel lost. She didn’t know what steps she needed to take to improve her career prospects.  

A major sticking point for Flora was her CV – she didn’t feel as though her achievements were enough and didn’t know how to write about herself in a way that would impress potential employers.   

Flora was referred to us through her local job centre. From there, she was connected with Rebecca, one of our advisers who helped Flora to see that her achievements were more than enough. Together, Flora and Rebecca were able to craft a CV that reflected Flora accurately and was appropriate for the types of jobs she was hoping to apply for.  

“I think everybody would benefit from talking about how to improve their CVs and project more confidence! My adviser was fantastic. She was direct, supportive, listened to what I wanted, periodically checked in to see my progress and asked if I needed help with anything. She has been so helpful and I am so happy I got her help throughout this process.” 

Flora has gone on to secure temporary work that she enjoys while she waits for her masters in Publishing to begin.  

“Going to get advice from someone who specialises in CVs and interviews was a game changer. She [Rebecca] was thorough and actually listened to what I wanted. I was lost before she helped me and now I have a job I like and I’m going on to do my masters in what I want to do.”