Christopher Begins a New Career in the NHS after Redundancy

Christopher was referred to the National Careers Service through the Colchester Institute after learning that he was soon to be made redundant from his retail job.

He wanted to take this opportunity to find a more meaningful line of work, but only had an idea of what he wanted to do. 

Christopher’s adviser offered an outside perspective and made sure that he was fully aware of all the options available to him, making recommendations for additional learning opportunities wherever they were available.

After just their first phone call, Christopher felt much more confident about pursuing his goals. 

Thanks to the support of the National Careers Service, Christopher was successful in his interview with the NHS, and is now aiming to learn as much as he can about the different parts of the organisation and find his place within it. 

Talking to an adviser made finding a new career seem much easier than I had originally thought. I’ve always found applying for jobs a bit daunting but talking to my adviser make me feel a lot less nervous about the whole process. The outside perspective on my situation was very helpful in assisting my search for a new career. Christopher, from Colchester