Changing careers is easy with an apprenticeship

As a Business Support Officer, Emma has not only been able to fulfill her own role, but also shadow senior colleagues, providing her with valuable experience that allowed her to provide cover during absences and further develop her career.  

“The biggest surprise [from my time as an apprentice] is how much more you can learn by being able to put it into practice straight away rather than just studying the theory.”  

Working with an employer that understands the value and importance of apprenticeships has meant that Emma has been able to balance her time between completing work for her qualification and having a practical role within the company.  

“I have been able to complete all of my apprenticeship work within work hours alongside my role, rather than having to use my personal time to complete tasks. All my colleagues and managers have been very accommodating with my apprenticeship tasks and have ensured that I block out time to be able to complete them.”  

Emma’s success in her apprenticeship so far has led to her achieving her career goal of securing a permanent position within Suffolk County Council. With the encouragement and support of her manager, she has been offered a permanent position while still studying toward her qualification.  

“[The most valuable lesson I have learnt is that] I am a lot more capable than I give myself credit for. Getting my permanent role has increased my confidence immensely.”  

When asked what advice she would give to someone considering an apprenticeship, Emma said:  

“It’s a great way to learn while you earn. I used to be put off apprenticeships because the wage was so low or they had an age limit on them, but apprenticeships now are so much more inviting. They aren’t just for lower-level qualifications – you can do university-level courses or make a leap higher up. Apprenticeships are a win-win for employers and employees.”  

‘I hope to see more businesses embracing apprentices from all educational backgrounds as everyone has a fresh perspective to offer. Investing time in an apprentice like the Council have with me, allows people at the start of their career to develop their skills in a way that is appropriate for the business and sector today.’ 

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