British people considering changing careers as a result of Coronavirus

13th September, 2021 Read time: Two minutes

The last 18 months have been odd. We’ve gone from being stuck inside baking countless batches of banana bread to finding ourselves having a favourite facemask. We’ve redecorated, reshuffled, and reorganised our homes until the restrictions were lifted and the cows came home. 

But it’s not just the furniture that we’ve been re-evaluating.  

A report published in July 2021 from Global Futures has revealed that more than three quarters of British people say the pandemic has made them reconsider what is most important in their lives. This might be where they live or, in some cases, who they love, but it’s also about where they work and what they do.  

Research from Aviva found that the impact of Coronavirus has had a significant impact on people’s career plans, with over half of workers in the UK planning on making changes to their careers in the next year. While some people are hoping to turn their hobby into a full-time job, some have plans to learn new skills, and some have their sights set on gaining an academic qualification, the study showed that 2.4 million Brits are planning to follow a completely different career path to the one they’re currently on.  

Global Futures’ research also indicated that 39% of people looking to change their job were doing so not for an increase in income or a desire to work for themselves, but with the hope of finding purpose and meaning in what they do for a living. This corresponds with Aviva’s findings that two million workers desired to find a role that has a focus on helping others.  

However, one in three people identified that a lack of opportunity, as well as money struggles, acted as a significant hurdle between them and their goals. It appears that despite the desire to change careers occurring across all socio-economic backgrounds, it is much more difficult for those from low-income groups to achieve that change. This has led to growing concerns that the British people will be living in a state of discontent as they find themselves unable to pursue their newfound dreams.  

If you’re dreaming of changing your career but don’t know where to start, advice and guidance is available for you – but don’t just take our word for it, hear it for yourself from one of our dedicated National Careers Service advisers, Laura Brightman, who knows first-hand how it can feel to face barriers when trying to change your life:  

“As a woman over 50, a single parent and someone who has raised a family in a single income household, I understand some of the barriers and issues that people face moving forward in their lives. At the National Careers Service, we are here to listen to you and offer impartial, professional information, advice and guidance to help you take your next steps. Whether you are stuck in a rut and not sure what you can do, or are looking for a career change, we will support you to make your personal action plan with specific actions to help you take the next step. With follow up support when you need it, why not get in touch with us today to see how we can help?” 

We offer a range of workshops, courses, apprenticeships and expert guidance to give you every opportunity change your career and change your life - just reach out and we'll work out what's the best option for you.

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