Breaking into your dream sector with an apprenticeship

Will, Economic Growth Officer for Newark & Sherwood District Council, is currently undertaking a Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship delivered by Futures.  

After finishing university Will quickly identified he lacked some of the experience and workplace confidence required to secure a job in a competitive sector. Despite his initial concerns of being over qualified for an apprenticeship given his degree status, Will was surprised how quickly he has ‘been able to develop skills in such a short space of time’. Commenting that he was able to make of his apprenticeship what he wanted and put his ‘pre-existing and new knowledge into practice almost immediately’ in his role. 

As with all apprenticeships, a priority is to ensure that the employee has a well-rounded education in terms of both knowledge and skills. Will commented ‘undertaking an apprenticeship and interacting with people both inside and outside the Council has really helped me to develop confidence in my own abilities, something that just can’t be done without hands-on experience!’.  

Some of Will’s main responsibilities within the Council are supporting local businesses with guidance on grant support, maintaining business data and producing external communications. Will also has the opportunity to support the Tourism Action Group and produce promotional content for local tourism attractions. All of which contribute to making his role extremely valuable in discovering where he would like to take his career next.  

It is because of this varied nature of an apprenticeship, that Will identified his affinity for project leadership and has since been promoted from title of Apprentice to Economic Growth Officer. ‘At the end of 2021 I managed to achieve my goal of securing greater responsibility within the department and I’m really proud to be able to lead on some project work’.  

‘I hope to see more businesses embracing apprentices from all educational backgrounds as everyone has a fresh perspective to offer. Investing time in an apprentice like the Council have with me, allows people at the start of their career to develop their skills in a way that is appropriate for the business and sector today.’ 

If you are interested in discussing your career path with Futures, get in touch with one of our friendly advisers today! There is no such thing as ‘term time’ in Futures apprenticeships, allowing you to start the process today and make the most of every day after.