How Fearless Youth Association used their Community Grant

Futures are over the moon to be working with Fearless Youth Association (FYA), who recently recieved a Community Grant from us.

Formed in 2016 by 12 young people who were out of education and not at work, FYA has become a highly effective group in attracting and engaging young people seeking to turn their lives around.

FYA support young people to engage with training, skills development, music and digital contents production and organising and managing events. They also do a lot of work around youth and gang violence, tackling knife crime while supporting individuals to become active, responsible, confident and mindful citizens.

This works offers the opportunity to feel a sense of belonging, it builds confidence and skills that can keep young people away from violence on the streets.

Through Community Grants, FYA have been able to develop their course and training programmes further, offering four different courses to those between the age of 16 and 30. These are digital storytelling, community journalism, radio & broadcasting, music production and media.

Each course gives the learners the chance to gain practical skills and experience as well as building on their personal development plan. This plan allows continual discussion around building skills and where the young person wants to be in the future.

Jointly funded by the SFA and the European Social Fund, Community Grants give small voluntary and community organisations with a turnover of less than £500,000 an opportunity to access funds to deliver projects that help engage and progress ‘hard to reach’ individuals towards the labour market.

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