Data Subject Rights Form

The Futures Group - which we'll refer to as 'Futures' in this information - is made up of a number of related brands and businesses:*

You can use this form to request:

  • Correction (rectification) or completion of information that Futures holds about you
  • Deletion (erasure) of any or all of the information Futures holds about you
  • Restriction of the processing of the information Futures holds about you
  • To object to any of the processing of your information Futures carries out
  • To make enquiries about transferring your information to another organisation or any decision that may have been made about you by a computer only

Please note: if you wish to obtain a copy of your personal information, please use the Data Subject Access Request form rather than this one. Please contact the data protection officer on for this form or for any enquiry related to your information rights.

Your request will be assessed, and you will be informed of the action that Futures has taken, and the reasons behind it.

Please use this form to set out as clearly as possible which information you would like Futures to act on, and the action that you would like us to take.

Please return your completed form and proof of identity (detailed overleaf) to the data protection officer at:

You can also send your request by post to:

Data Protection Officer
Pearl Assurance House
5 Floor, 1-9 Friar Lane

Futures endeavours to respond to all requests within one month from the date that the request and proof of identity is received.

If you have accessed one of our the services on behalf of the local authority, DWP or Department of Education we may need to refer your request onto them as the data controller, if this is the case you will be advised.

If you need any further advice, please email the data protection officer at

*Futures for You; Futures Employment Solutions; Futures for Business Ltd; Futures Advice, Skills and Employment Ltd; Impact Apprenticeships Ltd; Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Youth Services Ltd.

1. Data Subjects Details: (please also complete section 2 if you are acting on behalf of someone else):

One form of identification is required from the following list. Further information may be required if there has been a change of name. Please select an option from the list. Please upload an image or screenshot of the relevant document. If you are unable to do this, please post a copy of your identification document to the Data Controller at this address
Please state whether you wish Futures to: Correct, complete, delete or restrict processing of your information or whether your query relates to your personal information in another way.
You should describe the information to which your request relates as clearly as possible, including the period to which it relates. Futures is entitled to receive direction as to what you require us to do with your information so that we can fulfil your request. If your request is unclear we may contact you and ask you to be more specific. Futures does not hold personal information indefinitely. It may be that some information has been destroyed in line with our data retention policy.

2. Details of person and organisation acting on the data subject’s behalf (if this request is not being made by the Data Subject):

Futures recognises that sometimes customers agree to a third party, such as a solicitor or welfare rights organisation, acting on their behalf.

To protect the privacy of the customer we must be sure that they agree to any requests made by third parties.

Please attach proof that you are legally authorised to obtain this information. You can upload an image or screenshot of the relevant document. If you are unable to do this, please post a copy of your identification document to the Data Controller at this address

3. Declarations